Forehead Lift Dissectors Set – 14 Pieces



Forehead Lift Dissectors Set – 14 Pieces Summary

Instruments Description Germany Medical# of Units
1. Arcus Marginalis Dissector, 24cm1
2. Endoforehead Elevator, Half Curved, 24cm1
3. Flap Dissector, 25cm1
4. Frontoglabellar Dissector, 28cm1
5. Frontotemporal Dissector, 24cm1
6. Frontotemporal Dissector, 24cm, Straight1
7. Midface Fascia Dissector, 23cm1
8. Mini Forehead Dissector, Full Curved, 18 Cm1
9. Mini Forehead Elevator, Half Curved, 18cm1
10. Mini Forehead Elevator, Slightly Curved, 18cm1
11. Periosteal Dissector, 25cm1
12. Periosteal Dissector/Elevator, 24cm1
13. Temporal Line Dissector, 23.5 Cm1
14. Zygomatic Arch Elevator, 22.5 Cm1


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