Blepharoplasty Set


Blepharoplasty Set Summary


Blepharoplasty Set Summary

Instrument Description# of Units
01.    Scalpel Handle, #3 Standard1
02.    Stevens Scissors, 11.5cm, Curved – Sharp1
03.    Stevens Scissors, 11.5cm, Curved – Blunt1
04.    Neivert Needle Holder, 12.5cm1
05.    Halsted Mosquito Forceps, 12.5cm, Curved1
06.    Backhaus Towel Clamp, 8.5cm 1
07.    Gillies Dura And Skin Retractor Hook, 19cm, Small1
08.    Joseph Delicate Retractor, 17cm, 2 Prong, 5mm, Sharp1
09.    Joseph Delicate Tracheal Retractor, 16cm, 2 Prong, 8mm, Blunt1
10.    Supercut Mayo Scissors, 14cm, Straight1
11.    Desmarres Lid Retractor #1, 14cm, Small, 9x12mm1
12.    Castroviejo Measuring guage 7 cm, Measuring Guage 20 mm, 1
13.    Bishop Harmon Iris Forceps, 1X2 teeth, 0.3 mm1
14.    Castroviejo Suturing Forceps, 1X2 teeth, 0.9 mm1


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